Cork Pops VinOAir Wine Aerator

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NEW! Cork Pops VinOAir Wine Aerator

The perfect gift for your favorite wine lover! This on-bottle wine aerator does it all: serves up a perfect pour, eliminates drips, and fully aerates and oxidates your wine for maximum flavor and quality. Using innovative technology, the vinOair wine aerator has a specially designed, dual venturi chamber that pulls twice the vacuum as other leading aerators to more fully oxygenate your wine (unlocking premium flavors and aromas), while the sleek, compact size makes for effortless portability. Simply place aerator on the mouth of your wine bottle, smoothly pour yourself a glass, and voilà-perfectly oxygenated wine in seconds! Works with both red and white wines.  

  • Ingenious construction complemented with optimal convenience.
  • Rinse with water to clean
  • Air-tight seal
  • No drips
  • Gift-wrapped in box