About Us


Creating gourmet foods has been our passion since 1978 when we created our first product, our award winning Champagne Mustard.  Now Cherchies creates pantry-worthy spices and seasonings, hearty soup mixes, sweet and tangy jams & marmalades, and delicious pretty peppers.

Cherchies products are available in hundreds of retailers across the country and here on our website. Want to meet us in person? Come see us at a retail show and get to "taste test" our favorite products.

Our focus is on delicious and flavorful products with easy to make recipes. Whether you're staying in and making something for yourself, your family, or entertaining a large party - we have products and recipes that will make you look and feel like a gourmet chef!

Cooking should be tasty, fun, and relaxing! Check out our blog for cooking inspiration, tips, and simple to make recipes.

Do you have a favorite recipe made using a Cherchies product? We'd love know! You can submit a recipe here

Bon appetit!